Hi! I’m Jordan.

How it all started…

I’ve always had that special connection with colors, and being able to blend materials that create one of a kind designs. I own my established wreath business called Designs By Jordan. Designs by Jordan is a small town, homegrown kinda business that came to life about 6 years ago, I had been making and designing Christmas wreaths for my Grandmother and Mother, I did this for about 2 years and then Finally came up with the idea that I could start this as a little business, to make a little extra profit for Christmas presents in 2008.So in 2008, I decided I was going to do a few wreaths and see what would happened, well that was a bust and I didn’t sell a thing, but I did not give up, that’s one thing my mother had taught me – don’t give up. Then came 2010, and that was the year that really changed everything for Designs By Jordan, I finally decided to make at least 20 wreaths, and did our local Christmas Fair – I took 20 wreaths and only brought home 3.

That was the weekend that I really started to see potential in my business.

Then in 2011, I did the Christmas Fair and Introduced to the public the new craze of Deco Poly Mesh, it was a hit!! After the fair I thought to myself, now what am I going to do next year, well little did I know what 2012 was going to bring me. In January of 2012, I received a message from someone asking me if I was going to do Valentines Day Wreaths, and I was hesitant at first, but decided to give it a shot. Since then I have been making and designing wreaths for every major Holiday. To date I have done, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Spring, Summer, Memorial Day, and 4th of July!! Never did I think that I was/would be designing wreaths for every holiday, even I had always thought that wreaths were for Christmas. Now, I’m taking the next step in the journey and helping others learn all of the tips and tricks that I’ve had to learn the hard way!